In our fast paced and fast changing world it is the ultimate rebellion to be on the side of nature and environment. BLCKOUT want to be the last of the rebels and make sure that we have an environment to care about in the future. Every single thing we put out into the world are done with the consideration of doing the least damage to the nature around us and its inhabitants.
BLCKOUT is environmentally speaking certified to the hilt and beyond. The first is the Oekotex class 1 certification. This is a worldwide certification system with consistent and independent testing for raw, semi-finished and finished textile products at all processing levels. BLCKOUT also has a GOTS Certificate which is a monitoring system that surveys every aspect of a

textile production. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile standard. It is an organization that examines that textile companies live up to their high standards of a preservation of the environment and a working philosophy that is aligned with that. Both certificate logos are on all of our products.
That is the policy and philosophy of BLCKOUT, that we are responsible of environment and humans alike. For all of our sakes.
Be a rebel for the right reasons!